30.One Girl. One Journey – 2008 – Returning to the Music

So it was in 2008 that I moved to the condo. I bought some furniture and I felt some sense of home. I had written some songs – mainly depressing ones, but some that, although they were sad, I felt were good. I had always said that if I could pick anyone to produce my music, it would be Matt DeMatteo. Largely because of his work on Another Spin Around the Sun.

So, I began researching. There was nothing. I had no problem finding him before and talking to him, but now a few years later – nothing. Finally, I found an entertainment company that mentioned to him and decided to contact them. Someone replied to my email and although they wouldn´t give me his contact info, they promised to pass mine along. It wasn´t Matt who contacted me. It was someone by the name of David Martin. And the journey began. After several months of emailing back and forth, phone calls and song submissions, they selected 3 songs they wanted to work with. I flew to meet up with Matt to produce a 3 song demo. What an amazing experience. To this day, that experience was also one of the most incredible musical experiences of my life.

Trilogy 1st of 3 – BROKEN – Carolyn McCormack
Trilogy 2nd of 3 – I´m My Own Best Friend! – Carolyn McCormack
Trilogy 3rd of 3 – Time 4 Flight – Carolyn McCormack

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