Born in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, Carolyn is the 4th of 6 children. Her father, John McCormack and his brothers were accomplished musicians originally from Prince Edward Island. As young men, they moved to Hamilton and played throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada, recorded albums, performed with the likes of Don Messer, Marie Bottrell, as well as performing on television and in Nashville.

Carolyn began to accompany her father on the piano and vocally, sang at schools, community events, and with her family. She began writing songs at the age of 14.

Although her father played traditional “east coast” and country music, Carolyn adopted her own style and sound, which incorporates country with blues, pop and international influences.

After performing with with several bands, she decided to become a solo act, writing, composing, and performing her own work.

In 2001, she met an artist at a Songwriter’s event in Toronto Canada, and a year later he recorded one of Carolyn’s songs with his Nigerian band, Beautiful Nubia (in 2000 he was nominated in the “Best Artist from West Africa” category, and in 2001 he and his band were nominated again at the prestigious Kora All-Africa Music Awards in South Africa). An associate had heard the recording and it was later included on a CD of various artists called “Eclectic Sounds”.

She has also worked with Walter Sobczak (formerly the bassist from the 80’s pre-alternative band “The Sturm Group”), and James Anthony ( Peter Boynton (Red Rider, Zappacosta, Partland Brothers, and Burgundy Rose).

In 2003 Carolyn released her album “Livin’ Dangerously” which has sold in Canada, England, the UK, Portland Oregon, and the United States.

Carolyn has enjoyed singing, performing in live theatre all over Northern and Southern Ontario. She has appeared on several daytime talk shows promoting her music, and has been interviewed and reviewed by local newspapers and indie music magazines.

Carolyn McCormack has been featured on CDbaby, New Music Canada, & Roots Music Canada.

In 2008, Carolyn collaborated and produced a trilogy with Juno award winning producer Matt DeMatteo in Montreal Canada.

As well as a singer/songwriter, Carolyn has written 2 plays, and is currently writing a second children´s book.