2. One Girl. One Journey – Negotiating a Life

That Friday night, we all waited in the waiting room. Mom, me and my 4 sisters and brother. After what seemed like forever, I remember the doctor came out and told us that Dads back was broken and he said Dad would be paralyzed from the waist down. They were flying him to St. Michael´s hospital in Toronto. Even now, everything is so blurry… we were all in shock. But thankful. The doctor said we were lucky he was alive. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get him out of the delivery truck he was driving for the lumber company he worked for. So many years later, and the sound of ambulances brings me right back to that night of June 26, 1981.

Original journal entry – June 1981

I look back at this entry. I was 19… thinking I could barter with God… and the sacrifices I was going make in exchange for Dads life. They sound silly reading them now, but at the time it was desperate hope that I could change what was happening. The stealing. I wonder why I put that there. I guess I felt bad about the times me and my friends would take gum from the corner store. The owners were never in there… we´d wait for what seemed such a long time and eventually we just said forget it, it´s not our job to go to their house to tell them we wanted to buy a pack of gum, so we just left with it. I obviously felt guilty about that…

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