Lyrics and Vocals by Carolyn McCormack
Music by Chris Haugen

This isn´t a dream, my eyes are open, it´s just so surreal
Empty streets, it´s like a ghost town, I don´t know what to feel
Just goin´ through the motions, tryin´ to understand
How it got this way
No children laughing, the worlds in lockdown
To keep the enemy away

No crystal ball, there´s no answer, don´t know when we´ll be free
To leave fear behind, get back to normal, well – a new ordinary
So much harm, so much loss, all this pain
It will pass, everything does, just won´t be the same

But, the birds are singing
And the sun is shining
The earth needs this time to heal now
It´s our time to sit still, have faith, trust in His will
And let go
He´s in control now.