COVID 19 – March 2020


Lyrics and Vocals by Carolyn McCormack
Music by Chris Haugen

This isn´t a dream, my eyes are open, it´s just so surreal
Empty streets, it´s like a ghost town, I don´t know what to feel
Just goin´ through the motions, tryin´ to understand
How it got this way
No children laughing, the worlds in lockdown
To keep the enemy away

No crystal ball, there´s no answer, don´t know when we´ll be free
To leave fear behind, get back to normal, well – a new ordinary
So much harm, so much loss, all this pain
It will pass, everything does, just won´t be the same

But, the birds are singing
And the sun is shining
The earth needs this time to heal now
It´s our time to sit still, have faith, trust in His will
And let go
He´s in control now.

UPDATE – January 16, 2022

My God, I listen to this song that I wrote almost 2 years ago. It was such an eerie time… the world literally stopped. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought at the time that we would still be dealing with this… but here we are. I remember at the time someone had said that this was never going to go away and that we all would get covid or know someone who got it. It was true. I´ve had 5 family members who were tested positive and numerous friends who were tested positive. How things have changed since March 2020.