16. One Girl. One Journey – And Life Changes – Once Again

4 years later, I became a licensed hair stylist. Then the manager of my sister´s salon. I had developed a good clientele and was happy. I felt confident and secure. My family was all around me, my little girls were happy and I was feeling healthy. I felt like things were finally heading in the right direction.

But, my husband wasn´t happy professionally. A year later, we took a 5 year duration posting in a remote location in Northern Ontario. It was the only way for him to get a promotion to Sergeant. I left my job, my family, my home and everything safe behind me. And my girls left their friends behind, their swing set, their family, favorite teachers, their life.

I opened a salon in my home, and two years later I opened a store front. I kept myself very busy in the first three years. The fourth year I became very homesick and depressed. I felt like I was never going to pursue my dreams. I was living my life for someone else´s dream. I felt alienated and alone. Lost without purpose. And I missed my family. My old life. My home. I bought a piano. And wrote and sang. I wrote and wrote and sang and sang.

In the fifth year, we had to make a decision. To extend his duration posting for another promotion, or move. There was no decision. We moved to Barrie, Ontario Tuesday, July 10, 2001.

I vowed the day I landed in that city, I was pursuing MY goals.

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