20. One Girl. One Journey – Next!

Finished my three song demo in Barrie. Now to get it out there.

I´m looking in my journal. I have diaries that date back to when I was 20. I have a box full of them. To be able to write my story, I am using the entries in my diary for accuracy. Some of the entries are so funny. Shows you how hard I tried lol. One entry: February 22, 2002: ¨Got a massage at the Barrie Hair Styling School. The lady who did my massages sister was marrying a guy who was connected with a band called Johnny Craig & the Sabuka Band. Previously called Jaluka. He was connected with the keyboard player for Michelle Wright – Daniel Nadasdi. My massage lady said she´d make sure my demo CD got into the hands of Michelle Wright¨. I happily handed it over. After some research, I discovered the band she was referring to was Johnny Clegg – Juluka. Never heard from Michelle…

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