21. One Girl. One Journey – Planting all the little Seeds

The next few months were busy – and exciting! I spent alot of time creating new music in the studio. So much involved – writing, creating the song structure, then the basic track. Hiring session players – drummers, guitarists… layering the tracks, then vocals… sometimes I was there from early evening until 1 – 2 in the morning. But I loved every single moment. I was making progress and working towards my goals. I was still collaborating with the jazz musician in Toronto working on the song. The clientele in the salon was growing, I was contributing to taking care of my family and still able to be involved with music. Sometimes I didn´t get alot of sleep, but for the first time in a very long time, I felt alive. My soul was full of happiness and purpose. I auditioned for a role in an another upcoming production in Barrie called The Nutcracker. I was supposed to sing 2 songs, but they decided on 3. I got the part but after some thought, I decided to turn it down. I wanted to focus on music. I joined the Huronia Soundwaves of Sweet Adeline International. Finished 3 demos at One Star Studio in Barrie:

I´m Gonna Say Goodbye – Produced in Barrie at One Star Studio with Shane
My Easy Chair – Produced in Barrie at One Star Studio with Shane
Oh Lord – Produced in Barrie at One Star Studio with Shane
Oh Lord – Stripped Version

Started going to karaoke with my friends to get used to singing in public again. On April 15, 2002, I recorded a song at Puck Farms Recording Studio in Schomberg Ontario. Performed in another play, Maggie´s Jazz Pit. I met a producer from Kitchener and I sent him some of my music. He was interested in being my music publisher, manager and working on my music with me. I ended up signing a contract and we began working on 3 songs. One was about losing my father (Eternal Bonds), the other was about being so lost in my own grief that I wasn´t there to support my Mom (Psyche Motion), and the third was written for my daughter. I felt really sad about uprooting her life when we left Kirkland Lake. She liked it there, had just started highschool. She had a difficult time leaving (Drifting Leos).

We finished producing the songs over the span of about a month. I had already written the lyrics. I was happy with the results. It wasn´t produced professionally, but it was good enough to shop. When my friend heard Drifting Leos (the song I wrote for my daughter), she said her friend had a teenage daughter who was having some problems. She played my song for her and the friend said that it was weird… the last two lines of my song were the exact words this mother told her daughter. My friend said that this is why I need to get my songs out. To help people. My neighbor heard the song I wrote for my Dad (Eternal Bonds) she cried and said it reminded her of when she lost her Dad. I was so emotionally touched, I cried along with her… I felt even more empowered to continue on my path… maybe the world DID need my songs…. I sent my demo to Dwight Frieson at CBC radio. He said they might play it…

On June 26, 2002, my friend Olusegun called me. They put a cover of my song Peace, Love & Harmony on their album!!!

Eternal Bonds – Song written in memory of my father, John Joseph McCormack – 2003
Psyche Motion – Song written for my mother, Shirley Alice McCormack
Drifting Leos – Song written for my daughter – 2003

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