19. One Girl. One Journey – Building Blocks

Things were coming together. I enjoyed my time at the theatre. At times, it felt like alot of work, especially since I was volunteering my time and talent, but I always laughed there. The reward was going to be the accomplishment. And the producer was going to video the performance, so I would have a keepsake. That was the most important thing. That would be enough. After a month of working on memorizing all of my lines, I felt that I was actually remembering them. It´s funny… you figure out ways to remember your lines, like cues. I would do gestures that would remind me of the next line… I would do the same gestures all of the time and they became my cues. We began rehearsing. The show was going to open in two weeks. January 16, 2002, the play opened. It was absolutely frightening. I was so scared. But each night, we did it. And on the last night, we performed the entire play (2 hours) without a problem! How exhilarating! We all went backstage and celebrated with a bottle of cheap champagne! The direction said twice how impressed he was with me. I was absolutely beaming! Unfortunately, the producer spent too much time videoing people preparing for the show and cut off the last 20 minutes – of course – the best part of the whole play. I was so disappointed. But, I did it. I acted in a 2 hour live theatre production and didn´t mess up. A step towards performing my music publicly.

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