18. One Girl. One Journey – On My Way

That September of 2001, I started taking a broadcasting course in Toronto at the National Institute of Broadcasting. Every Sunday, I went down to the little station on the upper floor on Yonge Street. This was how I was going to get comfortable in public again. By taking this course. It was alot of fun. Apparently Jim Carrey went there. Who knows, but I was really enjoying it. I opened up a salon in my house and started working right away. I found a little studio in Barrie and started recording some songs. Actually decided to audition for a play at a local theatre group. I got a lead role! I was to play a wealthy gallery owner. It was one of the bigger roles with the most lines. I´d never done that before. It was maybe too much too soon, but I decided to do it regardless. The play was called ¨Opening Night¨, by Norm Foster.

I became a member of the Songwriters Association of Canada and started going to their Date with a Tape nights. It was fun. I met a guy there and we started collaborating on a jazz song. He said he had a contact, David Quilico at Sony Music. I was working on the lyrics, he the music.n I also met another guy named Olusegun Akinlolu from Nigeria. We became fast friends. Made an appointment to schedule a professional photo shoot. I wanted to find an agency. Maybe find some little acting parts, do some modelling…

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