15. One Girl. One Journey – And Life Changes – Again

When my youngest was 2 in 1991, my husband left me. Once again, my life turned upside down. I moved to a little house on the edge of Deep Bay in Carling Ontario. Me and my two little girls. Life proved to be very difficult in all aspects, but I was with my family who provided me with emotional support. I remember asking my sister if you could die from a broken heart. She said no, I was going to get strong and my heart would mend – good as new. I didn´t believe her.

Three months later, my husband wanted to reconcile. I did. However, he wasn´t able to live with us. He had to get a transfer first.

When my health improved, I was able to work. My sister offered me a job working in her salon. I took it. One day, I collapsed and I was taken to the hospital. I was severley underweight and experiencing anxiety and intense stress due to what had transpired over the last several months. My husband was approved for his transfer.

I was able to return to work in time. I began apprenticing to become a hair stylist. I felt it was the wisest professional decision because I needed a job that was flexible enough to work with my husbands schedule and if we had to leave for his work, I still had a job. I could be a hair stylist anywhere. Unfortunately, I couldn´t work around my husbands schedule and if he wasn´t home to take care of the children, or if he was called out to work or wanted to work overtime, I had to find a babysitter in a moments notice – which was next to impossible in Northern Ontario. But, I did it. They were very stressful times. However, I needed to work and I was thankful to be able to be with my sister. Yet, in the wee hours of the morning, I wrote. And I sang.

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