22. One Girl. One Journey – 2003

January – 2003

My sister told me her employee´s ex brother in law is the VP for Sony Records in Toronto. She is going to let her hear my demo and maybe she can do something.

Sent my demo to David Quilico at Sony Music. Sent out 3 more demos.

My friend wanted my demo to give to a medium she knows. She said she can help me. Did that too.

Contacted Blair Packham. He asked me to send him my demo.

Ended up producing another song with Reg Sprung at Vic Recordings, my producer and publisher, called I Don´t Like Goodbyes. It was a song I wrote about my friend who was diagnosed with cancer (below).

Sent my demo to Universal Music. I don´t remember who the contact was. And I don´t have it written here in my book. That´s how I am able to write all of this. I kept a book with all of the things I did. It´s so interesting looking back…

Found a woman online who was a music publisher at BMG Publishing Canada. Reg felt it would be better for him to focus in the production and management and for me to try to find a music publisher. So, I was invited by this lady, Jana Cleland, to send her my demo.

Sent a demo to Chris Taylor at Sanderson Taylor. He was – well still is – an entertainment lawyer. Don´t know how I connected with him. He is now the Global President of Entertainment One Music.

Sent in my application to perform at the Sesquicentennial in Barrie. I was accepted to perform.

January 22 – Things weren´t going that well with Reg. He wasn´t communicating well, he wanted control of the writing and the production ideas… so, I found another studio in Barrie – The Cutting Edge. And I found a piano player for the instrumental for Eternal Bonds. NEVER PUT SOMEONE ELSE IN CONTROL OF YOUR DREAMS. RELY ONLY ON YOURSELF! But, I still wanted him to be my manager.

Reg called. I got my first booking at Fitzy´s in Barrie on June 7th! I will be James Anthonys (a blues artist) guest! I will do 3 originals and backup vocals for his songs. Awesome!

Reg called. Has an appointment with David Quilico at Sony.

Alusegun emailed me. He told me to produce a single and send it out for airplay. Good idea.

I Don´t Like Goodbyes – A song I wrote about a friend who passed away from cancer.

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